LINR. Hair Care


Treated my hair to some loving and incredibly happy! The packaging is amazing and he products themselves make my hair feel so clean and healthy! The moisturising shampoo is my favourite during winter.  


Started my collection of Linr with the Argan Oil and the Repair Mask absolutely love it and love what it stands for cruelty free well done Linr can't wait to have the complete set. 


Since i've been using Linr my hair feel soft and it smells delish. i am so happy with my hair. i haven't been blow drying or curling/straightening lately. My natural waves look smooth and my colour looks bright. I've used a lot of different organic-cruelty free shampoos and conditioners and they all had my hair feeling lifeless and dull. Hair is a little part about you, but it can effect your confidence and mood when you cant get it right. if you are looking for hair care that makes you feel amazing and is free from nasty stuff, i highly recommend Linr.


Absolutely recommend these products to anyone with frizzy and or damaged, unmanageable hair like mine!


i use linr shampoo, conditioner, argon oil, and repair mask and i love them all i will not use any other hair treatment thank you jessica for introducing them to me xx


These products are amazing! The argan oil & moisture mask is great for curls, loving using my Linr!


Absolutely love these products! They smell amazing and do wonders for my locks. Love that they are paraben and sulfate free! And no nasty chemicals in them ! 


Highly recommend these products! For myself I'm obsessed with the argan oil and hair vitamins I've been using these two products for my hair the last 3 months and my hair had been nothing but amazing! As a hairstyle my client always ask for volume and the volume powder i live by when creating big volume curls!!


Such an amazing haircare brand! Everything smells amazing and leaves my hair looking amazing. highly recommend