Moisture Value Pack

Moisture Value Pack

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Moisture Shampoo 

Gently cleanses your hair whilst delivering direct hydration to the hair cuticle. Our unique formulation with advanced technology allows the shampoo to target the driest areas and instantly lock in moisture where your hair needs it the most. Our moisture range is recommended for regular use on dry or brittle hair.


Moisture Conditioner 

A lightweight product that helps to hydrate and diffuse moisture amongst your hair. Our unique conditioning system allows liquid to penetrate directly into the hair follicle, which effectively ensures immediate and long lasting result. Our moisture conditioner is recommended for regular use on dry or brittle hair. 


Argan Oil

Rich in antioxidant argan oil that delivers immediate shine and manageability giving long term conditioning without leaving residue.


Vitamin Gummies 

A scientifically formulated vegan friendly supplement, which are easy to use and suitable for every hair type and gender. The unique formula will make your hair and nails grow faster, stronger and give them a healthy and shiny look, while giving your skin a radiant glow. To make sure you look forward to taking your vitamins daily, we provided a sweet berry, chewable gummy that bursts with natural flavour. Proudly 100% Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Real Berries, Cruelty Free.

1 Month Supply 

Linr is proudly Australian made, certified Organic ingredients. All of our product are produced free from sulfates, parabens, ethoxylates, paragons, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleaners, phthalates, DEA and artificial colours. Natural musk smelling products. Products are not tested on animals.